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Snooze Alarm: Sleep & Endocrine Health

Not getting a good night’s sleep can do more harm than simply making you yawn during morning meetings. More and more research shows that a lack of sleep can lead to a number of potential...

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  • Gender Bias: Are Women Taking Over Endocrinology?

    A new study shows that endocrinology will become a female-dominant specialty in a few short years. Rather than reflecting heightened interest among women, it actually shows that men are ch...

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  • Correct Change

    Women continue to be undertreated for symptoms of menopause, and a new Endocrine Society clinical practice guideline aims to enlist endocrinologists in leading the way to correct that.

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  • Making the Grade

    With Medicare reimbursement now tied to consumer ratings, many institutions are focusing on the patient experience — and patient-physician communication in particular. C...

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  • The Name Game: ORCID

    For researchers who find their published work getting lost among other authors with similar names, a new system called ORCID may be a solution. When Jun Yang, PhD, an endo...

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  • Why Endocrinology: What About Hormones?

    When I entered Marietta College (Ohio) on a football grant-in-aid and about to become a father, I knew that my college years were going to be most challenging. However, I loved science and chose a “...

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