Endocrine Society Advocacy Win: European Commission Includes Endocrine Society Recommendations in Chemical Strategy

On October 14, the European Commission issued a Communication describing the European Union’s “Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability Towards a Toxic-Free Environment,” as part of the EU Green Deal. The strategy is designed to be the foundation for the most significant update to Europe’s chemical regulations in more than a decade. The Endocrine Society has advocated...

Diabetes Advocacy Leading Up to November’s Diabetes Awareness Month

Endocrine Society has been an active leader on Capitol Hill advocating for diabetes prevention, coverage, and research programs. Here are some highlights of our recent activities: On October 5, the Society hosted a virtual congressional briefing focused on how the National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) addresses racial and ethnic disparities. The...

Congress Approves Continuing Resolution Through December 11

As Congress was not able to come to an agreement on the appropriations bills to fund the federal government for the next fiscal year (FY) in advance of the September 31 deadline, policy makers instead passed a Continuing Resolution that essentially funds the government at the prior year levels through December 11 2020. While it...

Endocrine Society Members Rally (Online) for Medical Research

advocacy_rally On September 17, members of the Endocrine Society joined over 400 advocates to call on the Congress to provide increased funding for biomedical research as part of the 8th Annual Rally for Medical Research. Although the COVID-19 pandemic prevented participants from gathering in-person, Rally organizers were able to arrange tele- and videoconference meetings for research...

Endocrine Society Congratulates New NIEHS Director

On June 11, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced the appointment of Rick Woychik, PhD, as director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) and National Toxicology Program (NTP). Woychik has been serving as the Acting Director of NIEHS since October 2019 following the retirement of the previous Director, Linda Birnbaum, PhD....

The Endocrine Society’s Role in Recent LGBTQ+ Supreme Court Ruling

In a landmark ruling, the Supreme Court of the United States found that gay and transgender individuals cannot be discriminated against in the workplace on the basis of sex. The 6-3 decision stated that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination “because of sex,” includes gay and transgender employees. The...

NIH Adapts to COVID-19 Pandemic

With the severe disruption to research activity due to the COVID-19 pandemic causing strain at labs across the country, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has had to quickly address the situation for the workforce while also mobilizing to support research activities related to the virus and comorbidities. Despite the extreme challenge of the situation,...

Endocrinology Advocacy

Not all topics of relevance to endocrinologists are about specific conditions and diseases. Sometimes, doctors need information about changes in the medical field or the field of endocrinology. Changes to medical insurance legislation, drug trial regulations and even patient privacy legislation all impact a practitioner’s way of doing business and practicing medicine. Yet keeping track of these details is not always easy. That’s why Endocrine News has organized articles and news pieces on these topics into this advocacy page. Here, practitioners can find the information gathered by the Endocrine Society, a leading endocrinology advocacy organization, conveniently in one location.

Important Advocacy Information From the Endocrine Society

As an endocrinology advocacy organization, the Endocrine Society is constantly working to advocate for endocrinologists and their patients, both in the government and in various research centers across the country. Here on Endocrine News, you can stay informed about these efforts and their results, so you are well aware of what changes may be coming that affect your practice. This is an invaluable resource for doctors who wish to spend their time focusing on their patients, rather than advocating for their practices, but also wish to stay informed about what is happening in the field.

Both Clinical and Research Advocacy Information

On the Advocacy page, Endocrine News provides advocacy information relevant to both those in the research field and those practicing on a clinical level. Stay up to date with the activities of the Endocrine Society, learn more about the legislation that affects your work, and see highlights of leading researchers who are pioneering not only advances in the practice but also advocacy for endocrinology as a field. By utilizing the resources on the Advocacy page, you will be better equipped to meet the needs of your patients while staying abreast on the changes affecting the industry.