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Over the last few years, it has been hard not to notice the amount of change that has taken place with Endocrine News. From refocused editorial content to an entirely new design and layout, Endocrine News is not the same magazine it was back in 2012. And that’s not even taking into account the revamped website, our presence on Twitter (@Endocrine_News), and the newly launched bimonthly electronic newsletter, Endocrine eNews.

One of the shifts of the editorial content has been to place more of a focus on the Endocrine Society’s greatest strength: You. While there are other publications in the endocrinology-specific space, Endocrine News stands apart from these other magazines for a variety of reasons – from the sleek and easy-to-read format to the overall more professional presentation of content – but the most important reason is our membership. We have the luxury of drawing on the experience and expertise of the Endocrine Society’s members for our content. Whether it’s a Q&A about an upcoming event or Clinical Practice Guideline or an in-depth feature on a recent article from one of the Society’s esteemed peer-reviewed journals, Endocrine News quite clearly stands on the shoulders of giants.

To that end, here’s what we have in mind for new types of articles where you can contribute or recommend others who would be interested in contributing:

  • “Second Opinion” – This column would tackle a topic in either the research or treatment realms that has two distinct approaches or thought processes. Endocrinology is such a complex field that there are many different opinions on how to reach the same goals or on whether certain goals should even be considered. Think of it as the Endocrine News version of the “Point/Counterpoint” segment that used to appear on 60 Minutes.
  • “Peer Review” – This column will be written by professionals in other specialties telling our readers about how important it is for them to work with endocrinologists. Whether it’s a researcher in another field who needed an endocrine scientist’s expertise to solve a complex problem or a clinician in another field who finally solved a patient’s treatment conundrum thanks to an endocrinologist’s contributions, these are the stories we want to tell. We hope you can help us find these professionals via your own experiences. Feel free to send us suggestions.
  • “First Person” – These articles detail your experiences in your practice or research and are told from your point of view. So far, we’ve had members write about using the EndoECHO program in rural New Mexico; an early-career member’s experience in Ethiopia as part of the Ambassador Exchange Program; and next month two members detail their involvement in a diabetes camp for kids. These articles are some of my favorites because they are written with so much passion.

If you have an idea or a candidate for any of the above topics, send me an email at [email protected]. Together we can ensure that Endocrine News remains the number one magazine in the endocrinology space!

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