Tipping the Scales: Noninvasive Obesity Breakthroughs

June2022CoverEN As the worldwide mortality rate linked to obesity and its comorbidities surpasses four million annually, new approaches to combating this condition are sorely needed. Thankfully, recent research from Endocrine Society journals shows promise in some surprisingly novel and safe noninvasive weight loss methods. The obesity epidemic continues to pose serious health threats to populations worldwide....

Middle Management: Evaluating New Insights to Obesity and Weight Control Options

June2022CoverEN As obesity continues to reach epidemic proportions, endocrine researchers are at the forefront of discovering new methods to help clinicians and patients alike to manage and even conquer obesity and its plethora of comorbidities. Here, we look at three recent studies that take these solutions from the bench to the bedside and even to the...

New Cushing’s Syndrome Research Presented at ENDO 2022

The pharmacology data focus on the human body’s homeostatic response to potent HSD-1 inhibition by SPI-62. Results highlight that urinary free cortisol is distinct from intracellular cortisol that causes symptoms in patients with Cushing’s syndrome or autonomous cortisol secretion. Sparrow Pharmaceuticals, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel, targeted therapies to address unmet needs in both endocrinology...

All About Adrenal: Analyzing Two Years of Research

ENDO_2022_4C When the ENDO 2022 session “Clinical Year in Review: All Things Adrenal” gets underway, Gary Hammer, MD, PhD, will treat attendees to the series of advances that have been made in adrenal science and clinical practice over the last two years, from adrenal homeostasis, glucocorticoid biology, and adrenal insufficiency to Cushing’s, tumors, pheochromocytoma, and more....

Gender-Affirming Care: Bridging the Gap

ENDO_2022_4C As transgender medical care becomes unfairly politicized, presentations such as ENDO 2022’s Meet the Professor session “Beginner’s Guide to Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy for Transgender and Gender Diverse Adults” are more essential than ever. Attendees will be shown a variety of best practices in providing affirming care to transgender and gender diverse adults.   On the...

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