The Endocrine Society’s AP-SIG Shares Adrenal and Pituitary Knowledge

As Endocrine News reported in the August issue, the Endocrine Society launched a series of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in 2019 to allow members with similar interests to come together to collaborate both within and outside the SIG.

The goal of the Adrenal and Pituitary Special Interest Group (AP-SIG) steering committee (currently chaired by Niki Karavitaki, MD, PhD and Lauren Fishbein, MD, PhD) is to create a platform to exchange knowledge, allow for networking, and promote excellence in adrenal and pituitary clinical care and research, with the goal to provide resources for all Endocrine Society members.

At ENDO 2019, the Society held an open forum on the EXPO floor to learn what the Endocrine Society members wanted from a SIG for adrenal and pituitary topics. The AP-SIG’s steering committee has taken those excellent suggestions from the members and have begun to make them a reality. A major principle of the steering committee is that all ideas and all projects proposed by the SIG members are listened to and, if feasible, are put into practice.

The first objective has been to create a live webinar series to meet the needs of Society members. This is particularly relevant during the challenging COVID-19 era, which has transformed the landscape of medical and research training, education, and professional development.

The AP-SIG’s first webinar, moderated by Lauren Fishbein MD, PhD, was entitled “The Paper That Changed My Practice” and introduced papers chosen by members of the steering committee that were key to their clinical practice. The webinar covered topics including cardiovascular risk with mild autonomous cortisol secretion (Sona Sharma, MD), treatment of thyrotroph adenomas (Ismat Shafiq, MD), significance of ARMC5 gene variants in primary aldosteronism (Ricardo Correa, MD, EdD), and consequences of long-term Cushing’s disease (Niki Karavitaki, MD, PhD).

On June 29, 2020, the AP-SIG hosted a webinar for its members called “The Paper that Changed My Practice,” which discussed papers chosen by members of the steering committee that were key to their clinical practice.

There was a great discussion with numerous questions from attendees. For those questions that were not answered live, the responses were posted on the Community Connect chat board. If you were not one of the 160 people who tuned in live, you can join the over 180 colleagues who have watched the webinar online:

There have been numerous requests from the Endocrine Society membership for dedicated time to ask experts burning clinical questions. The AP-SIG responded to this call with a second webinar, “Ask the Experts” with Mark Molitch, MD, PhD, and Valeria de Miguel, MD, in pituitary and adrenal topics, respectively. Questions were submitted ahead of time and live during the webinar and were moderated by Ismat Shafiq, MD, and Ricardo Correa, MD, EdD.

The third installment of the webinar series will focus on subjects relevant to translational and basic researchers in adrenal and pituitary related topics. The AP-SIG has enlisted several Society members outside of the steering committee to help steering committee members Lauren Fishbein, MD, PhD, and Roberto Salvatori, MD, organize this special and important webinar.

The AP-SIG embraces diversity and inclusiveness at every level. The programs and projects are created by members for members to increase the knowledge and interest on pituitary and adrenal topics, both clinical and research related. The committee’s vision for the AP-SIG is to achieve a high level of engagement from all Society members in a wide range of activities.

Finally, one of the most engaging ways for Endocrine Society members to connect is on the Society’s own Community Connect platform. Across the SIGs, there have been engaging conversations and posts on many topics, and the adrenal and pituitary board is no exception. If you recently read an interesting paper or have a question about a clinical case or a laboratory method, please take advantage of the community of Society members and post to the board.

If you are interested in participating in a webinar or have ideas for webinar topics or other activities, please reach out to Rylan Kepner:


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