Study Shows Virtual Reality Use Improves Sperm Quality

Cryos International Sperm and Egg Bank recently announced a published scientific study which suggests that the use of Virtual Reality (VR) headsets during sperm donation has a positive effect on sperm quality. The study can be viewed in Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology.

During the summer of 2021 Cryos International introduced VR headsets in the donor cabins as an optional add-on to the donor experience. Cryos was unaware at the time, that this initiative would end up playing a role in a higher sperm quality for samples delivered by donors using headsets.

Examining 504 samples from 63 sperm donors, results showed that the sperm quality was notably higher, when the VR headsets were used and the elapsed time between ejaculations was shorter. For example: when a donor visited Cryos twice with an average of 14 hours in between visits and the VR headset was used, the samples showed close to a 50% increase in motile (alive and active) sperm cells. In cases where visits were up to 58 hours apart, there was a traceable, positive effect seen in the quality of the sperm samples.

“The use of VR headsets to view erotica had a strong positive effect on the number of motile sperm in an ejaculate when the donor’s abstinence time was short (< 24 h),” the authors conclude. “VR-use could improve the ejaculate quality of men who are asked to provide samples after a short period of abstinence, such as men in infertile partnerships producing samples for ART or cancer patients depositing sperm before treatment.”