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Males with familial hypertrophic cardiomyopathy should avoid phytoestrogens. Haines CD, Harvey PA, Luczak ED, et al. Estrogenic compounds are not always cardioprotective and can be lethal in males with genetic heart disease.

This new stem cell methodology could provide future therapies for patients with adrenal insufficiency. Sonoyama T, Sone M, Honda, et al. Differentiation of human embryonic stem cells and human induced pluripotent stem cells into steroidproducing cells.

AMH knock-down may have therapeutic value in infertile women who respond poorly to ovarian stimulation. Campbell BK, Clinton M, Webb R. The role of anti-müllerian hormone (AMH) during follicle development in a monovulatory species (sheep).

PPARγ expression in pancreatic β-cells is unlikely to be directly essential for normal β-cell function or the insulin-sensitizing actions of rosiglitazone. Welters HJ, El Ouaamari A, Kawamori D, et al. Rosiglitazone promotes PPARγ-dependent and independent alterations in gene expression in mouse islets.

TH signaling in tadpoles is active even before thyroid formation, suggesting an early sensitivity to endocrine-disrupting chemicals. Fini JB, Le Mével S, Palmier K. Thyroid hormone signaling in the Xenopus laevis embryo is functional and susceptible to endocrine disruption.

Sedation and anesthesia can induce a significant rise in cortisol in children. Hsu AA, von Elten K, Chan D. Characterization of the cortisol stress response to sedation and anesthesia in children.

The need for hormone replacement therapy should be re-evaluated three months after surgical correction of NPH because most endocrine dysfunctions are reversed in this time. Moin T, Bergsneider M, Vespa P, Heaney A. Pituitary function in patients with normal pressure hydrocephalus before and after neurosurgical correction.

Runt-related transcription factor 2 potentiates the migration and invasive capacity of thyroid tumor cells. Sancisi V, Borettini G, Maramotti S, et al. Runx2 isoform I controls a panel of pro-invasive genes driving aggressiveness of papillary thyroid carcinomas.

Circulating myostatin levels in men are associated with seasonal changes, age, body mass index, fat mass, smoking, and 25-hydroxycholecalciferol levels. Szulc P, Schoppet M, Goettsch C, et al. Endocrine and clinical correlates of myostatin serum concentration in men—the STRAMBO study.

Physical activity promotes favorable estrogen metabolism that could lead to prevention of chronic diseases such as breast cancer and osteoporosis. Matthews CE, Fortner RT, Xu X, Hankinson SE, Eliassen AH, Ziegler RG. Association between physical activity and urinary estrogens and estrogen metabolites in premenopausal women.

Using small molecules or IGF-I/ IGF-II antibodies might aid in avoiding anti-IGF-IR resistance in EWS patients. Garofalo C, Mancarella C, Grilli A, et al. Identification of common and distinctive mechanisms of resistance to different anti-IGF-1R agents in Ewing’s sarcoma.

New molecular mechanisms are suggested for the functional withdrawal of progesterone at term labor. Xie N, Liu L, Li Y, et al. Expression and function of myometrial PSF suggest a role in progesterone withdrawal and initiation of labor.

Lung cancer incidence and treatment approach could be predicted by NR expression. Jeong Y, Xie Y, Lee W, et al. Diagnostic and therapeutic potential of nuclear receptor expression in lung cancer.

Endometrial cancer risk is not associated with migraine history and NSAID use. Phipps AI, Anderson GL, Cochrane BB, et al. Migraine history, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug use, and risk of postmenopausal endometrial cancer.

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