Meet the 2021 Laureates: Guillermo Umpierrez, MD, CDE

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Outstanding Scholarly Physician Award

Guillermo Umpierrez, MD, CDE


Guillermo Umpierrez, MD, professor of medicine at Emory University School of Medicine, a renowned expert in the management of diabetes mellitus in the hospital setting, epitomizes the attributes of a physician scholar through his research, teaching, and lifelong learning.

Driven by his keen intellect, curiosity, and passion for knowledge his work has shaped the approach to managing hyperglycemia in non-critically ill hospitalized patients. He was the first to note that hyperglycemia in hospitalized patients, with and without history of diabetes, represents a marker of poor clinical outcome and mortality. His research evaluating therapeutic approaches for hyperglycemia in the hospital setting established the superiority of the basal-bolus insulin regimen over the longstanding approach of “sliding-scale insulin” for managing patients with type 2 diabetes hospitalized with a non-critical illness.

How has the Endocrine Society supported your professional development/career journey?

“I have been a member of the Endocrine Society since 1998 when I finished my fellowship training at Emory University. I have attended yearly meetings and participated in multiple educational programs with the Endocrine Society. I have received numerous opportunities to present our research work, invited to lectures as speaker, and to chair scientific sessions. In addition, I was honored to serve in multiple committees, chairman of Endocrine Society’s Global Strategy Task Force, and as a member of the National Endocrine Society Council member. These opportunities have provided me with the opportunity to interact with physicians and researchers in the U.S. and around the world.”

His extensive research and publications in altered glucose homeostasis in the hospital setting have made him a key opinion leader on the subject. He chaired the Endocrine Society Clinical Practice Guideline for the “Management of Hyperglycemia in Hospitalized Patients in Non-Critical Care Setting,” the American Diabetes Association “Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes-Section on Diabetes Care in the Hospital,” and the “Revised American Diabetes Association Position Statement: Hyperglycemic Crises in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus.”

Countless medical students, residents, and fellow have benefited from his mentorship, knowledge, energy, and enthusiasm. His superb communications skills, expertise, insight, and teaching ability make him a popular speaker. He has lectured worldwide and has been frequently featured in the Endocrine Society’s Meet the Professor sessions at the ENDO annual conference.


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