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October 2015 Cover


Transgender issues have moved to the forefront of society’s collective consciousness in a way never before seen thanks to several high-profile trans celebrities. This newfound recogniti...

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  • Cautionary Tales

    As more and more data stack up arguing the dangers of endocrine-disrupting chemicals on human health, three new studies emphasize the damage they can do during pregnancy. ...

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  • A Dangerous Duet

    Up to 40% of young girls with type 1 diabetes also have an eating disorder thus making them withhold insulin. It’s up to clinicians to know the proper ways to treat both conditions, not ...

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  • Mad Scientists: When the Scientist Becomes the Subject

    Self-experimentation has a long and noble — and Nobel-winning — history in medical breakthroughs. However, due to collaborative studies and improved technology, these methods have been...

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  • A Love/Hate Relationship: Dealing with EHRs

    Whether you view electronic health records as a lifesaver or a necessary evil, they are here to stay. While none have been deemed perfect, feedback shows they are gaining acceptance, begru...

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