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November 2015 Cover

Parallel Protocols: Treating Diabetes and HIV/AIDS

As HIV-positive patients live longer, their risk for developing diabetes has increased along with their lifespans. Treating both of these conditions concurrently is challenging, but as ...

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  • The Great Debate

    The issue of menopausal hormone replacement therapy (MHT) continues to confuse many clinicians, even though experts and guidelines agree that physicians should not shy away from...

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  • Fatal Errors

    Estimates for medical error mortalities seem to get higher with each report that is released. A 1999 study by the Institute of Medicine claimed that 98,000 people die...

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  • Practice Interrupted

    From a burst water pipe to a cataclysmic disaster, being prepared for whatever nature's wrath or man's mistakes may bring is crucial to keeping your practice -- and your patients -- safe....

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