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Lose Weight, Avoid Cancer?

The evidence that bariatric surgery reduces the risk of cancer continues to mount — adding to the reasons that severely obese patients should consider this option for weight loss.

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  • The Epigenetics of Obesity

    Obesity appears to change genetic expression in ways that favor the development of diabetes and other conditions — changes that might even be passed on to the next generation.

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  • Advise & Consent: Talking to Obese Patients About Their Weight

    Obesity is such a sensitive issue that many physicians avoid discussing it. Here are some tips on the right (and wrong) ways to broach the subject. Talking to patients about...

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  • Natural Selections

    Dietary supplements have become the “snake oil” of the 21st Century, even though some natural products have positive benefits. With a multi-million-dollar boost from the National Insti...

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