Cover Story
March 2014

Culture Clash

In many populations, successfully treating diabetes and other ailments is often secondary to understanding the patient’s culture and traditions.

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  • Separate but Unequal: The Disparities of Diabetes

    The factors as to why minorities have a higher prevalence than whites when it comes to diabetes are humerous. However, successful treatment solutions start with increasing provider awareness and paying closer attention to these often neglected populations.

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  • Across the Lines

    Despite higher incidences in whites, more African Americans are dying from thyroid cancer in the U.S. What’s behind this racial disparity, and can it be stopped?

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  • Be Prepared

    Getting your lab ready for an inspection is a combination of due diligence, best practices, and, of course, common sense.

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  • Pen to Paper

    Many physicians and researchers are under the gun to “publish or perish,” but getting your name in print can be made easier by following a few simple steps.

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