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Metabolic Breakthrough

Hormone fibroblast growth factor 21 holds promise for treating diabetes, obesity, and metabolic syndrome, but new drug treatments remain years away

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  • HOPE for Adrenal Cancer

    Despite some disappointing studies, researchers pursue IGF2 and other suspects for drug targets

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  • Hypertension ESAP Case

    HYPERTENSION MYSTERY: A Case Study From ESAP™ A45-year-old woman presents with a nine-year history of hypertension. Her current antihypertensive medications include amlodipine, 10 mg dai...

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  • Flexing MUSSELS

    Glue secreted by these bivalves could prove effective in treatments for numerous cardiovascular diseases

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  • The 38,460 MENACE

    Deadly pancreatic cancer demands resourceful treatment approach

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