Lilly Launches Initiative “Know Before the Low” to Help Patients with Diabetes Recognize and Share Symptoms

Singer/songwriter Crystal Bowersox kicks off the educational initiative by encouraging people to educate their support network and develop a plan for low blood sugar and very low blood sugar emergencies

Eli Lilly and Company launched a new initiative earlier this summer to raise awareness about being prepared for these unpredictable conditions. With Know Before the Low, Lilly is encouraging people with diabetes to recognize and share their signs and symptoms of low blood sugar with their support network, while also being prepared with a rescue plan in case of a very low blood sugar emergency. Singer/songwriter and Lilly Diabetes Ambassador Crystal Bowersox is helping to kick off the program by sharing her journey and teaching others about the importance of sharing their rescue plan with their own support network.

“I learned early on that one of the essential elements of managing my diabetes is to always have a plan in place for low blood sugar,” says Bowersox, who has lived with type 1 diabetes since she was six years old. “This means ensuring those around me are ready and able to help in case of a very low blood sugar emergency. As a touring musician, my family or friends may not always be around. Because of this, I’m constantly thinking through different scenarios like teaching my crew what to do, and knowing I have a network of people who are empowered to help me stay safe and healthy in my journey.”

Managing diabetes, including low blood sugar events, can trigger people to feel stressed, frustrated or overwhelmed. People with diabetes can share their rescue plan with their support network as one way to feel more confident that they are prepared in the event of a very low blood sugar emergency.

By visiting, people with diabetes and their support network can access easy-to-understand information about recognizing the signs and symptoms of mild, moderate, and severe low blood sugar, when a very low blood sugar emergency can happen, and how to be prepared with a rescue plan. They will also find a helpful conversation starter and tip list to help navigate conversations with their diabetes healthcare team to create preparedness and rescue plans for these conditions. These resources are designed to help people with diabetes gain the tools to effectively educate their support network about stepping into action during a very low blood sugar emergency.