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The following studies will be published in Endocrine Society journals. Before print, they are edited and posted online, in each journal’s Early Release section. You can access the journals via

Corticotropin-releasing hormone inhibits in vitro oocyte maturation in mice; modifying patient stress levels could optimize oocyte quality for in vitro fertilization techniques. Dinopoulou V, Partsinevelos GA, Mavrogianni D, et al. The effect of CRH and its inhibitor, antalarmin, on in vitro growth of preantral mouse follicles, early embryo development, and steroidogenesis.

Classical nuclear ERs and mERs play a role in hypophagia and anti-dipsia. Santollo J, Marshall A, Daniels D. Activation of membrane-associated estrogen receptors decreases food and water intake in ovariectomized rats.

Insulin may prevent γ-amyloid formation and accumulation. Pandini G, Pace V, Copani A, Squatrito S, Milardi D, Vigneri R. Insulin has multiple anti-amyloidogenic effects on human neuronal cells.

In postpartum PAH mice, lactation does not affect cardiac remodeling but does contribute to cardiac contractile dysfunction. Murata K, Saito C, Ishida J, et al. Effects of lactation on postpartum cardiac function of pregnancy-associated hypertensive mice.

SUMO-1 both activates and suppresses PPARγ functions in adipocytes. Mikkonen L, Hirvonen J, Jänne OA. SUMO-1 regulates body weight and adipogenesis via PPARγ in male and female mice.

Thyroid nodule size greater than 2 cm is associated with an increased risk of well-differentiated thyroid cancer. Kamran SC, Marqusee E, Kim MI, et al. Thyroid nodule size and prediction of cancer

GH treatment in childhood and adolescence not only changes phenotype in youth, but also contributes to decreased comorbitites in adults in PWS. Coupaye M, Lorenzini F, Linares CL, et al. Growth hormone therapy for children and adolescents with Prader-Willi syndrome is associated with improved body composition and metabolic status in adulthood.

Investigating genes involved in gonadotrope or ovarian development and function that are also expressed in the hypothalamus might help identify genes that contribute to IHH. Abel BS, Shaw ND, Brown JM, et al. Responsiveness to a physiologic regimen of GnRH therapy and relation to genotype in women with isolated hypogonadotropic hypogonadism.

Induction of insulin resistance by FFAs suppresses insulin inhibition of visfatin secretion and results in the increase of visfatin, a harbinger of metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, polycystic ovary syndrome, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Kowalska I, Karczewska-Kupczewska M, Adamska A, Nikolajuk A, Otziomek E, Straczkowski M. Serum visfatin is differentially regulated by insulin and free fatty acids in healthy men.

Depending on body type, low muscle mass is linked to different obesityassociated metabolic disorders. Kim TN, Park MS, Yang SJ, et al. Body size phenotypes and low muscle mass: The Korean Sarcopenic Obesity Study (KSOS).

Older adults with persistent subclinical hypothyroidism do not have an increased risk of coronary heart disease, heart failure, or cardiovascular death. Hyland KA, Arnold AM, Lee JS, Cappola AR. Persistent subclinical hypothyroidism and cardiovascular risk in the elderly: The Cardiovascular Health Study.

Autophagy may offer a new therapeutic target for AR-driven prostatic diseases. Shi Y, Han JJ, Tennakoon JB, et al. Androgens promote prostate cancer cell growth through the induction of autophagy.

Another rationale for the use of mitogen-activated protein kinase inhibitors in diabetes control is provided. Nishiki Y, Adewola A, Hatanaka M, Templin AT, Maier B, Mirmira RG. Translational control of inducible nitric oxide synthase by p38 MAP kinase in islet ß-cells.

The histone deacteylase family may have varied functions in skeletal physiology. Jin Z, Wei W, Dechow PC, Wan Y. HDAC7 inhibits osteoclastogenesis by reversing RANKL-triggered ß- catenin switch.

Atypical Sertoli cell AR expression induces precocious testicular development and results in reduced adult testis size and decreased postmeiotic development. Hazra R, Corcoran L, Robson M, et al. Temporal role of Sertoli cell androgen receptor expression in spermatogenic development.

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