Holly A. Ingraham, PhD, Receives FASEB Excellence in Science Lifetime Achievement Award


Endocrine Society member Holly A. Ingraham, PhD, is the recipient of the FASEB Excellence in Science Lifetime Achievement Award.

On April 8, the organization announced the winners of its 2024 Excellence in Science Awards, which highlight outstanding achievements by women in biological sciences who demonstrate not only excellence and innovation in their research fields, but exemplary leadership and mentorship as well.

Ingraham’s pioneering work revealed crucial hormone-responsive nodes in the brain and gut that maintain metabolic, skeletal, and cognitive health in females. Her recent landmark studies are motivating others to address the basic science underlying many female-bias diseases that affect the quality of life for millions of women.

Ingraham is the Herzstein Endowed Professor in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Physiology at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), and received the Endocrine Society’s 2023 Edwin B. Astwood Award for Outstanding Research in Basic Science Laureate Award.

The award also recognizes Ingraham as a devoted educator and mentor. She has helped shape the careers of countless graduate students and postdoctoral researchers through her guidance and support. She received UCSF’s Lifetime Mentoring Award in 2023, in recognition of the focus and energy she devotes to trainees, many of whom secure fellowship funding, publish impactful and original studies, and obtain positions in academia, industry, and nonprofit organizations. 

Ingraham has also tirelessly advocated for women and has long worked to combat gender disparities in science and medicine. She was instrumental in changing the climate for women faculty at UCSF by increasing the number of women hired beginning in 2018 through data-driven conversations with leadership. All basic UCSF departments have dramatically changed their faculty composition over the last five years.