EndoGear: The Next Generation of Diabetes Care

As pediatric diabetes cases continue to rise, a number of manufacturers have created products that make managing the disease a little less scary for these younger patients.

Pediatric diabetes is on the rise. While type 1 diabetes can develop at any age, it is most prevalent in children and teens – the average age of diagnosis is 13 years. An estimated 85% of all type 1 diagnoses take place in people aged under 20 years. But type 1 diabetes (formerly known as juvenile diabetes) isn’t the only diagnosis to affect children. Type 2 diabetes, which usually develops in middle age or later, it is becoming more and more common among children and adolescents in the U.S. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) reports that, each year, rates of type 1 diabetes are rising by 1.8%, and rates of type 2 diabetes are rising by 4.8%.

While it is true that young people who develop diabetes have a higher risk of health challenges throughout their lives, there are steps to be taken to control the condition, allowing many people with diabetes to live full and healthy lives. In recent years, the healthcare market has taken notice of the growing population of children with diabetes and not only done its part to tailor medical supplies to fit the needs of younger patients; it is actually making these products appealing to children.

Here, we round up some of those products that can help make an otherwise difficult disease more bearable for kids and parents alike.

Love Bug Diabetes Case

This Love Bug Diabetes Case is perfect for the little one who could use a companion while they’re on-the-go. The heart and butterfly design provides a comforting and friendly connection to daily diabetes activities while also being functional. It features two large compartments for easy organization, a pocket for the child’s medical ID, removable waste pouches for used test strips, and even carries snacks. This case fits all glucose meters and insulin pump infusion sets. Additional designs are available for animal lovers, sports enthusiasts, and more.


Kids’ SPIbelt

The Kids’ SPIbelt® is perfect for active children who need to carry medical supplies such as insulin pumps, inhalers, EpiPen®, or CGMs (continuous glucose monitoring systems). The Kids’ SPIbelt holds insulin pumps close to the body without tangling or bouncing. Every Kids’ SPIbelt can securely accommodate cords and infusion tubing through a reinforced pass-through hole. The pass-through hole is discretely placed behind the pocket to allow infusion tubing to feed through the patented pouch design. SPIbelt is specially designed so it won’t ride or shift while participating in vigorous activities. This belt fits waist size 18″ through 24″, fitting most children between two to 10 years old.



mySugr Junior

The mySugr Junior app is a child diabetes platform that educates kids while connecting parents. The informative platform is not only convenient but is also fun for young people with diabetes thanks to its gamified interface. In addition to helping users set up a daily diabetes routine, mySugr Junior also works as a blood sugar monitor and even tracks the child’s physical activity levels.



Diabetes Log Book For Kids

This Diabetes Log Book by Teresa Rother features an easy-to-use layout for tracking daily blood glucose levels while maintaining information to be monitored by caregivers and healthcare providers. Each day, children can fill in the spaces to record meals, snacks, carbs, exercise, insulin doses, and bedtime readings. The compact 6″ x 9″ travel size makes this book easy to carry to school or other activities. The two-year log book includes space for 104 weeks of tracking and includes a section for emergency contacts and additional notes.



Patch Peelz

Founded in 2011, Pump Peelz was created to help people with diabetes live with more confidence by turning insecurities associated with wearing a medical device into a form of individual self-expression. One of the company’s most popular items is Patch Peelz adhesive tapes, designed to secure CGMs, infusion sets, or insulin pumps. The universally sized Dexcom adhesive is designed for those with sensitive skin looking to extend the life of their sensor for up to seven days. Patch Peelz are compatible with the Dexcom G6, Dexcom G5, and Dexcom G4. Patch Peelz are also available for the Medtronic  Guardian Sensor as well as infusion sets. The patches are water resistant, hypoallergenic, lightweight, and durable.



American Girl Diabetes Care Kit

While makers of the popular American Girl dolls may not offer medical supplies to treat children with diabetes, they made headlines when they created a diabetes supply kit. The goal of American Girl has always been to create dolls, stories, and products that act as both mirrors and windows — giving girls an opportunity to see a direct reflection of themselves or a chance to learn about a life that may be very different from their own. The addition of the diabetes supply kit empowers children with diabetes by giving them a doll that is even more like them while also giving an opportunity to teach peers about the medical journey of living with diabetes. This set comes with a variety of pretend doll-sized tools to help girls care for their Truly Me™ dolls with diabetes including a blood sugar monitor and lancing device, an insulin pump that can be clipped to a doll’s waistband, an insulin pen for dolls that aren’t using the pump, and more. The kit was developed with the University of Wisconsin Children’s Hospital to ensure the diabetes kit was accurate and reflective of the real items children need to manage their diabetes.


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