Endocrine Society Releases Educational Resource on Obesity for Congress

Obesity is a public health crisis in the United States. As a prevalent and costly disease, it puts adults and children at risk for many comorbid conditions, reduces productivity, and impairs military readiness. As the 118th Congress gets underway, several congressional leaders and committees are interested in addressing obesity in America. In March, as part of Obesity Care Week, the Endocrine Society shared an educational resource on obesity in America with members of Congress and their staff.

The Obesity Playbook provides a “101 education” — exploring the causes, consequences, and interventions and treatments for obesity. We designed the Playbook to provide members of Congress and their staff with a “go-to” resource about obesity with information for where they can learn more. Highlights from the Playbook include:  

  • Data on obesity prevalence by state and by race and ethnicity;
  • Connection between food insecurity, nutrition, and obesity;
  • Obesity’s economic cost burden and impact on military readiness;
  • Policy options that will address obesity; and
  • A list of Endocrine Society members who are experts in this field. 

The Playbook is a component of our Obesity Education Initiative for Congress. It will be followed by educational briefings, congressional meetings, and a media campaign. Our goal is Members of Congress will use the Playbook as they consider legislation related to obesity and other health issues.

To view the Obesity Playbook, visit https://www.endocrine.org/advocacy/priorities-and-positions/obesity.

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