Endocrine Society Newsmakers in December

USA Todays Diagnosis: Diabetes MagazineDollars & Cents: Experts suggest ways to offset rising insulin costs

Clinical Affairs Core Committee Chair Robert Lash, MD, discussed the importance of using diabetes medications as directed in the national newspaper’s digital magazine on diabetes.

Le MondePerturbateurs endocriniens : la fabrique d’un mensonge (Endocrine disrupters: the manufacture of a lie)

The Parisian newspaper examined the discrepancies between the Society’s scientific expertise on endocrine-disrupting chemicals and the European Commission’s weak efforts to regulate EDCs.

Tucson Local MediaLow Blood Glucose Can Be Highly Dangerous

Society member Amit Akirov, MD, shared the results of his JCEM study on hypoglycemia and mortality risk of hospitalized patients. To raise awareness of the study findings and the Society’s comprehensive blueprint to address hypoglycemia, the Society distributed a syndicated news article about hypoglycemia to hundreds of community newspapers.

TIME MagazineYou Asked: Why Does My Skin Still Break Out?

Past President Andrea E. Dunaif, MD, and Secretary-Treasurer Richard S. Legro, MD, explained the role polycystic ovary syndrome can play in adult acne in interviews with a writer for the weekly news magazine.

CTVHormone therapy could help improve bone health in menopausal women

The Canadian broadcaster highlighted a JCEM research study on menopausal hormone therapy and bone health. The Society featured the study in a press release.