Endocrine Society Attracts Major Headlines


I’m so proud of the news presence the Society has built and the coverage we have had over the last few months related to our Obesity Science Writers Conference and our advocacy efforts. We are regularly featured in the news for our research and advocacy. Reporters rely on our members’ expertise on various endocrine health and policy topics, and we are consistently mentioned in top news outlets such as CNN, the Associated Press, and The Washington Post.

Recently, the media has shown a lot of interest in emerging anti-obesity medications, so we decided to host a panel discussion with our experts on the changing landscape of obesity care. Reporters from The New York Times, USA Today, and several other top health news outlets joined the discussion.

The Science Writers Conference was an effective way to raise awareness around the importance of treating obesity as a disease and the barriers to accessing medications. The reporters now know to reach out to us for any future stories related to obesity care.

Researchers get great exposure when their findings are mentioned in the news, and it can really elevate their careers and the impact of their work.

We also leveraged the media to advocate for insulin affordability by issuing statements and doing local outreach to reach policymakers in different states. We issued press statements advocating for the Inflation Reduction Act and were happy that a monthly cap on insulin for people with Medicare was included.

It was exciting to be quoted in TIME about the Inflation Reduction Act, as the outlet’s large audience provides great visibility for such an important issue. We also recently issued a statement praising Eli Lilly and Company’s efforts to lower insulin prices for people with diabetes who use their medications.

ENDO is the biggest driver of media coverage for the Society. Each year, the media team puts together a Research Summaries Book consisting of 35 – 40 press releases on newsworthy abstracts. We also host four or five live-streamed press conferences highlighting the top abstracts.

Our ENDO 2022 media numbers were impressive — more than 1,400 articles mentioned ENDO 2022 and the research we promoted in our press releases and news conferences. We are looking forward to another successful ENDO in June with a newsroom filled with reporters and lots of media coverage.

Last year, we promoted abstracts on topics such as anti-obesity medications, pandemic stress and women’s reproductive health, and cell phone usage and obesity. The articles were featured in health and wellness news outlets such as HealthDay and Medscape. We are really excited about promoting this year’s newsworthy abstracts and hope to have the same — if not more — media success!

Researchers get great exposure when their findings are mentioned in the news, and it can really elevate their careers and the impact of their work. Check out our helpful resources for communicating your science on our website.

If you are interested in serving as a media spokesperson for the Society, please fill out our volunteer form.

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