Endocrine Society and Matchbox Virtual Media Announce Joint Venture

The Endocrine Society and Matchbox Virtual Media are pleased to announce today that the organizations formed a joint venture that will bring exciting new opportunities for medical, healthcare, and scientific associations to better customize the experiences of their customers relative to producing meetings, organizing communities, and disseminating educational products.

The new joint venture will benefit from the Endocrine Society’s initial financial investments and its robust networking within the medical and scientific fields. Matchbox Virtual Media brings its proven platform, technologies, and expertise in designing and delivering engaging online experiences. 

The joint venture will not only expand Matchbox Virtual Media’s services into the medical, healthcare, and scientific association sectors but it will also evolve current technologies to provide customers an AI-enhanced platform, expanded event template resources, and access to the Matchbox knowledge community.

“Providing state-of-the-art virtual meetings and educational products is core to the mission of many associations, but it can be a tremendous challenge,” says Endocrine Society Chief Executive Officer Kate Fryer. “We’re excited for this new joint venture because it will equip organizations with the best tools to automate time-consuming processes and develop learning programs that will wow their members.”

“We have worked with hundreds of organizations to elevate virtual and hybrid event design, planning, and execution. We have purpose-built our platform and distilled our learnings and experience into templates for online experiences we know work to engage, captivate, and facilitate problem-solving and learning,” says Matchbox Virtual Media Chief Executive Officer Arianna Rehak. “We are excited that this joint venture will create digital products and services specifically designed to help medical, healthcare, and scientific organizations to engage more of their members in conversations and learning to drive innovation in the sector.”

The first activity of the joint venture will be to launch a research study exploring and benchmarking the use of virtual events and online experiences by medical and healthcare organizations. The Endocrine Society and Matchbox want to understand what online experiences are creating value or generating revenue, and the areas in which medical and health organizations see potential to create new online experiences to increase meaningful engagement with their members, community, or field of specialization. The first phase of the research study will be launched at the ASAE Annual Meeting and Exposition, August 5-8, 2023, in Atlanta, Ga.

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