Preparing for ENDO 2015

This past year, in my president-elect role, I gained a deeper appreciation of the past presidents’ extraordinary vision and leadership that have contributed to the outstanding success of the Society over the years. I would specifically like to thank past-president Bill Young and immediate past-president Teresa Woodruff for their commitment and devotion to the Endocrine Society.

I would like to congratulate Teresa Woodruff , the Annual Meeting Steering Committee (AMSC), and staff for making ICE/ENDO 2014 a record-breaking meeting in all areas. This meeting had the highest number of scientific registrants and overall attendees in ICE andENDO history. More than 10,000 registrants representing 96 countries attended the meeting. The Society received more than 3,200 scientific abstracts, which is another record-breaking number. And not only did we break all our previous records, the scientific program was outstanding as many of you can attest.

I am hopeful that ENDO 2015 will be another exceptional meeting both in attendance and content.

One of my first tasks as president-elect was to appoint the AMSC chairs for the ENDO 2015 meeting. With ENDO 2015 moving to March, the planning timeline for the meeting has been compressed this year. The AMSC chairs and committee have been selected and include Mathew Ringel as overall chair and Sue Moenter, Marc-Andre Cormier, and Carol Wysham as basic, clinical science, and clinical practice co-chairs, respectively. The AMSC has already met and developed an outstanding scientific program, which will be featured in more detail in next month’s Endocrine News. As many of you know, the registration for ENDO 2015 has already opened. Please mark your calendars for the ENDO 2015 dates: Thursday, March 5 to Sunday, March 8, 2015. Also note that the abstract submission will launch on September 17, 2014, with a closing date of November 11, 2014.

The new spring timing of ENDO ensures that endocrine science will receive extra attention ahead of the summer and fall meetings. The best clinical trials will be showcased in special sessions. Visit, and click on the “Abstracts and Awards” button to learn more about the exceptional benefits of submitting your clinical trial abstract to ENDO including options for fasttrack publication and focused media attention.

As many of you have heard me mention before, my biggest passion and the main focus of my presidential year is to empower the next generation of endocrinologists. I have briefly discussed some of the plans and initiatives that are being considered to create innovative programs that enhance the recruitment, retention, and development of early-career endocrinologists beyond their training completion. This focus influenced an additional task as president-elect, the appointment of committee members. Much eff ort was devoted to the identification and appointment of next-generation members, a process that worked out well.

The Society’s awards program is an important way to recognize and honor our outstanding members. Your input is vital, and I would encourage you and your colleagues to submit your nominations starting next month. Each year, the Endocrine Society presents awards totaling over half a million dollars to foster achievement and recognize excellence in endocrine science and medicine. From undergraduate students to those in established careers, the awards recognize all three constituencies; basic researchers, clinical researchers, and clinical practitioners. In late September, the Society will begin the 2015 awards season with calls for applications for the numerous Society trainee and early-career awards and travel grants. In 2014, trainee abstract awards and travel grants and research fellowships were awarded to nearly 500 trainees and earlycareer professionals. The details of these awards, including application requirements and submission deadlines for 2015, are on the Society’s website, under Awards tab.

I am beginning my presidency full of energy, optimism, and fully committed to the Endocrine Society. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at [email protected]. I look forward to a productive and successful year for the Endocrine Society.

Richard J. Santen, MD
President, Endocrine Society

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