2020 Alpert Award Celebrates Endocrinology During Virtual Symposium

For the first time, the Warren Alpert Foundation Prize is celebrating discoveries in endocrinology, diabetes, and metabolism with a virtual symposium on Thursday October 1, 2020.

Daniel J. Drucker, MD

Two longstanding Endocrine Society members are being recognized: Daniel J. Drucker, MD, and Joel F. Habener, MA, MD, along with Jens Juul Holst, MD, DMSc, for their discoveries about the function of key intestinal hormones, their effects on metabolism, and the subsequent design of treatments for type 2 diabetes, obesity, and short bowel syndrome.

The understanding of the complex hormonal symphony underlying the regulation of metabolism and gastrointestinal function flows from the work of many scientists. However, it is the seminal discoveries of Holst, Habener, and Drucker that propelled the field forward and enabled the design of several new classes of disease-altering treatments.

Joel F. Habener, MA, MD

The three award-winners identified a family of glucagon-like peptides in the 1970s and 1980s and since then have led the field of metabolism research with studies that went from bedside observations to the lab bench and back to the clinic.

“The Warren Alpert Prize 2020 Symposium promises to provide an excellent synopsis of the history, current status, and future possibilities for glucagon-like peptides, and their translational potential in the treatment of cardiometabolic disorders,” Drucker says.

We encourage our members to attend the 2020 Warren Alpert Foundation Prize Virtual Symposium on October 1, 1:30–4:30 PM EDT, to celebrate these outstanding achievements.

The October issue of Endocrine News will feature interviews with Habener and Drucker, who will give insight about the research behind this year’s award. 

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