Worldwide health initiatives

Collaborations Support Goals to Improve WORLDWIDE HEALTH

The Society’s latest and third Strategic Plan, SP3, calls for a global collaborative approach toward the goal of improved human health worldwide. We recognize that we cannot accomplish this ambitious goal alone and that collaborative eff orts and partnerships have become increasingly important. In recent years, the Society has taken steps to increase its outreach and further meet the needs of international endocrinologists and patients.

Committee Appointments

Approximately 300 member volunteers participate on 21 Society committees. In previous years, the number of international appointees to committees averaged 12 to 15 percent of the total number of appointments. For 2012 we increased the number of international appointees to 26 percent—including members from countries not previously represented on our committees such as China, India, Mexico, and the Philippines, to name a few.

International Activities in 2012

In 2012, the Society actively participated in the joint meeting of the International Congress of Endocrinology (ICE) and European Congress of Endocrinology meeting in Florence, Italy. In addition to having an exhibit booth and presenting a plenary lecture, The Endocrine Society hosted a reception for the leaders of other international organizations. At ENDO 2012 in Houston, we held our Global Leadership Exchange dinner where attendees were asked to identify the prime endocrine issues that could be addressed at the ICE/ENDO 2014 meeting.

A Global Leadership Exchange session is planned for ENDO 2013 to continue these discussions and to share plans for ICE/ENDO 2014, which will be held in conjunction with the International Society of Endocrinology in Chicago.

In August 2012, The Endocrine Society hosted its 3rd India Summit in Mumbai, where approximately 180 endocrinologists from all over India attended a one-day meeting that covered topics in the areas of thyroid, pituitary, female reproduction, and adrenal. A similar meeting is planned annually through 2015.

In late November, I was invited to the 52nd Congress of the Mexican Society of Nutrition and Endocrinology (SMNE) in Leon, Mexico, to present a plenary lecture. Additionally, the Society had an exhibit booth that was very well attended, recruiting more than 100 new members from Mexico.

In early December, the Society hosted a Thyroid Ultrasound Workshop, similar to the one held at ENDO, at the Endocrine Society of India’s Congress, ESICON. This was the fi rst time this workshop was presented abroad, and we hope that we can use this model for other international meetings in the future.

Outreach Plans for 2013 and Beyond

Several activities and collaborations are planned for 2013. The Ambassador Exchange Program launched in January and will continue through early June, ending with the international participants’ attendance at the ENDO meeting in San Francisco. More articles on the program will appear in upcoming issues of Endocrine News.

Among the meetings Society leadership will attend in 2013 are the European Congress of Endocrinology (ECE) in Copenhagen, in late April-early May; the Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism of Turkey (SEMT) meeting in Antalya, Turkey, in mid-May; and the SMNE Congress in Cancun, Mexico, in mid-November. A Society exhibit booth at each meeting will promote new membership and Society publications.

Another initiative in the works is a portfolio of options from the Society’s annual meeting (ENDO) to be exported and presented in conjunction with national endocrine meetings across the world. The content of each program will be determined by the needs of the host national society. We are currently working with the leadership of societies in Brazil, China, Mexico, and Russia who have expressed interest in this program.

Other collaborations include a joint program with the Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism of Turkey in October 2013 in Turkey and a Clinical Update Training Program in India, in conjunction with the International Society of Endocrinology, the Society of Endocrinology (UK), and the Endocrine Society of India.

The Endocrine Society leadership is committed to these international outreach activities and productive and successful collaborations worldwide. Send your comments or suggestions to [email protected]

William F. Young, Jr., MD
President, The Endocrine Society

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