Special Diabetes Program In Jeopardy; Congress Needs to Hear from You

As Congress readies itself for the next federal budget deadline (February 8), funding for the Special Diabetes Program (SDP) remains uncertain.

A top priority for the Endocrine Society is funding the SDP, which includes the Special Type 1 Program that funds NIH research and the Special Diabetes Program for Indians that provides diabetes education and prevention programs for American Indians and Alaska Natives. The SDP is currently running on partial funding, and it is imperative that Congress reauthorize a two-year spending bill for the program to ensure its future viability.

 If Congress does not renew the SDP by February 8, diabetes research and prevention programs could be seriously disrupted.  We urge all U.S. Endocrine Society members to join our efforts to protect the Special Diabetes Program. Please take a minute to participate in our online advocacy campaign for SDP.  You only need to enter EITHER your address OR your member ID and email. Our software will provide a letter and direct it to your Congressional offices for you. Your voice can help make a difference!

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