October issue highlights

This month’s cover story deals with the thorny topic of why many kidney transplants fail. Th e topic is prickly because there’s more than one reason for this failure. One of the chief culprits is the patient, who often goes off his or her meds for one reason or another. Another culprit is Medicare, which only pays for the drugs for three years post-transplant, yet the patients need them for the rest of their lives. Aalok Mehta addresses these issues and possible solutions in his in-depth article “Staying the Course,” (page 24).

As states are stepping up and voting to legalize medicinal and recreational marijuana, new attention is being paid to the drug’s possible use in a variety of chronic diseases, most notably diabetes. As expected, there are many different opinions on this topic so Melissa Mapes sorts through the research in “Pot Luck,” (page 28). Despite the much-parodied “munchies” in movies and song, marijuana has the potential to control obesity, yet another weapon in the endocrinologist’s arsenal to fight this burgeoning epidemic.

We were all taught that sharing is the right thing to do since we were small children. Some practices are taking that concept a step further and instituting shared medical appointments for their patients as highlighted in Kurt Ullman’s “Happy Together,” (page 30). Part group therapy, part educational seminar, shared appointments could be a viable solution for an overburdened or smaller office.

Also, we have an introduction to Th e Endocrine Society’s new CEO, Barbara Byrd Keenan (page 23). She will be stepping into Scott Hunt’s sizable shoes upon his retirement after 25 years at the helm. In speaking with her, I was struck by her philosophy about associations like the Society; she firmly believes that an association should not only be there to serve its members but also the people who are helped by the members. A philosophy like this ensures she will fit in very well at the Society.

If you have any story ideas or topics you’d like to see covered in Endocrine News, don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected] I always enjoy hearing from our members and readers.

Mark A. Newman
Managing Editor, Endocrine News

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