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Last year, The Endocrine Society conducted an in-depth study of Endocrine News. Many of you responded to our reader survey, and we are grateful for your feedback. We were especially pleased that you overwhelmingly chose Endocrine News as the top publication in the field. But most importantly, you asked us for more coverage of several topics, such as new technology, along with more quick reads of news items to complement the in-depth features in each issue.

We want you to know that we listened.

In this issue and every issue this year, you’ll find more coverage of the topics that are important to you, with practical applications and insights you won’t find anywhere else. You told us that you read Endocrine News to keep up with new developments in the field and new research studies. We’ll continue to deliver just that.

This issue is a great example. This month, our cover story looks at the latest advancements for the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid issues in pregnant women. This complex fi eld of medicine has made signifi cant advances in the past 5 years. In addition to updates on Th e Endocrine Society’s new guidelines, you’ll find quick tips on identifying moms-to-be who may be at risk.

Another especially interesting feature story this month studies acromegaly, a particularly diffi cult-to-diagnose condition that’s seeing new treatment options today.

And finally, we give you more details about ENDO 2013, which promises to be the best conference ever with a new schedule and new opportunities for professional development.

Be sure to check out Endocrine News’ regular lineup of columns and departments, now more readable and focused on you.

We hope you enjoy this month’s issue. Please give us your feedback at [email protected]

Eleanore Tapscott
Senior Director of Publications

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