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20(OH)D3, and other CYP11A1- derived products, are promising therapeutic candidates for scleroderma. Slominski A, Janjetovic Z, Tuckey RC, et al. 20S-hydroxyvitamin D3, noncalcemic product of CYP11A1 action on vitamin D3, exhibits potent antifibrogenic activity in vivo.

PEDF, acting in reciprocity to vascular endothelial growth factor function, may become a novel replacement therapy for OHSS. Chuderland D, Ben-Ami I, KaplanKraicer R, Grossman H, Ron-El R, Shalgi R. The role of pigment epithelium-derived factor in the pathophysiology and treatment of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome in mice.

Among dialysis patients with SHPT that are treated with cinacalcet and low vitamin D sterols, changes in functional parathyroid gland mass or detection of disease progression cannot be measured by the standardized calcium-mediated PTH suppression test. Rodriguez M, Ureña-Torres P, Pétavy F, Cooper K, Farouk M, Goodman WG. Calcium-mediated parathyroid hormone suppression to assess progression of secondary hyperparathyroidism during treatment among incident dialysis patients.

TPHAbs could identify APS-1 patients who present with gastrointestinal dysfunction symptoms in the absence of other components of the syndrome. Scarpa R, Alaggio R, Norberto L, et al. Tryptophan hydroxylase autoantibodies as markers of a distinct autoimmune gastrointestinal component of autoimmune polyendocrine syndrome type 1.

In recently menopausal women, MHT leads to preservation of cortical bone at the distal radius but does not prevent trabecular bone loss at the distal radius. Farr JN, Khosla S, Miyabara Y, Miller VM, Kearns AE. Effects of estrogen with micronized progesterone on cortical and trabecular bone mass and microstructure in recently menopausal women.

A direct link exists between glucagon and stomach ghrelin production and secretion. Gagnon J, Anini Y. Glucagon stimulates ghrelin secretion through the activation of MAPK and EPAC and potentiates the effect of norepinephrine.

Notch and Nfatc1 regulate chondrocyte differentiation. Zanotti S, Canalis E. Notch suppresses nuclear factor of activated T-cells (NFAT) transactivation and Nfatc1 expression in chondrocytes.

Prohibin and chemerin may contribute to the pathogenesis of polycystic ovarian syndrome. Wang Q, Leader A, Tsang BK. Inhibitory roles of prohibin and chemerin on FSH-induced rat granulosa cell steroidogenesis.

Murine and ovine BMP15 differ from the human homologue in granulosa cell function activity at the type 1 receptor binding interface. Al-Musawi SL, Walton KL, Heath D, Simpson CM, Harrison CA. Species differences in the expression and activity of bone morphogenetic protein 15.

Very limited metabolic redundancy exists within the homologous SRC coactivator family. York B, Sagen JV, Tsimelzon A, et al. Tissue- and pathway-specific metabolomics profiles of the steroid receptor coactivator (SRC) family.

Decidualization of the endometrium promotes the formation of a corticosteroid gradient at the feto-maternal interface. Kuroda K, Vankatakrishnan R, Salker MS, et al. Induction of 11ß-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 and activation of distinct mineralocorticoid receptor– and glucocorticoid receptor–dependent gene networks in decidualizing human endometrial stromal cells.

The structural organization of AS enables rational design of more specific antihypertensive and oncologic agents. Strushkevich N, Gilep AA, Shen L, et al. Structural insights into aldosterone synthase substrate specificity and targeted inhibition.

Manavathi B, Dey O, Gajulapalli VNR, Bhatia RS, Bugide S, Kumar R. Derailed estrogen signaling and breast cancer: An authentic couple.

Girgis CM, CliftonBligh RJ, Hamrick MW, Holick MF, Gunton JE. The roles of vitamin D in skeletal muscle: Form, function, and metabolism.

Williams KH, Shackel NA, Gorrell MD, McLennan SV, Twigg SM. Diabetes and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease: A pathogenic duo.

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