Endocrine Society Condemns Administration Rule that Would Weaken Healthcare Protections for Transgender People

The Endocrine Society expressed major opposition to a rule proposed today by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) that would jeopardize transgender individuals’ access to healthcare.

The proposed regulation would weaken the previous administration’s definition of “sex discrimination” to remove protections for gender identity. Patients could be turned away or denied medical care because they are transgender.

The Society worked with 30 other healthcare organizations on a letter to HHS expressing deep concerns with the rule and reiterating its firm stance supporting transgender individuals’ access to care. The Society urges the Department to withdraw the proposal and adopt strategies to focus on better access to health services and improved health outcomes for the millions of LGBTQ people in the U.S.

The Endocrine Society calls on policy makers to remember that gender identity has a biological underpinning when making healthcare policy decisions. While there continue to be gaps in knowledge about the optimal care for transgender individuals, the framework for providing care is increasingly well-established as is the recognition of needed policy changes. Medical intervention for transgender individuals is effective and relatively safe, and any interventions prescribed by a physician should be covered by insurance. The Society developed a position statement to further advocate for this issue.