EFSD, JDRF and Lilly Extend Collaboration Supporting Type 1 Diabetes Research

Program aims to advance knowledge in type 1 diabetes with support for research projects over three years

The European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes (EFSD), JDRF and Eli Lilly and Company  have agreed to extend their collaboration for the European Programme in Type 1 Diabetes Research through 2020. The program, which began in 2015, encourages research that advances knowledge about type 1 diabetes by providing grants up to €100,000 to nonprofit institutions and groups in Europe. Nineteen research grants including, but not limited to, research in beta cell biology and regeneration, autoimmunity/immunoregulation, novel concepts and biomaterials for beta cell replacement, and novel therapies for improved glycemic control, have been awarded to prestigious institutions and groups across Europe since 2015.

“Living with type 1 diabetes is a constant balancing act for those affected, and the disease still remains insufficiently understood,” says professor Stefano Del Prato, Chairman of EFSD. “Together with Lilly and JDRF, we are committed to fund promising scientific research in Europe to prevent, treat and finally cure type 1 diabetes and its complications.”

With these research grants, the organizations hope to build upon the goals of the program to promote and support high quality biomedical and clinical type 1 diabetes research, expedite the practical application of scientific advances and encourage clinical translation of research in Europe. The organizations also hope to increase awareness of type 1 diabetes research in the region.

“JDRF is proud to continue its support of this very effective collaboration, which is advancing the highest quality type 1 diabetes research in Europe,” says Sanjoy Dutta, PhD, JDRF assistant vice president, Research & International Partnerships. “By expediting our understanding of this disease and the clinical research that may lead to breakthrough therapies, we are taking significant steps toward our vision of a world without type 1 diabetes.”

“We remain committed to our mission to make the lives of people with diabetes better by advancing cutting-edge research. We are pleased to continue our collaboration with important organizations like EFSD and JDRF to advance that goal,” says Ruth Gimeno, PhD, vice president, Diabetes Research and Clinical Investigation at Lilly. “The success of the program over the past three years inspired us to continue the relationship and investment for the next three years.”

For more information on the program and to apply for 2018 grants, visit http://bit.ly/2GMsnLI.