December issue highlights

The lonely-looking doctor on the front of the magazine is stressed because he’s overworked. Turns out, he’s the only endocrinologist in a 200-mile radius from his practice. Yes, there is an endocrinologist shortage, and according to a recent Endocrine Society workforce analysis, this shortage will likely persist for the foreseeable future. Some endocrinologists are even retiring sooner than planned due to their dissatisfaction with current practice conditions. Fortunately, former Endocrine Society president Robert Vigersky has some ideas to alleviate this problem, which he shares with us in “Is there an Endocrinologist in the House?” by Eric Seaborg (p. 11).

In “Homme Improvement” (p. 14), Kelly Horvath discusses some of the latest trends in treating erectile dysfunction (ED), a malady that affects more than half of men ages 40 to 70. This percentage increases significantly in men with diabetes. According to Evan R. Goldfischer, MD, MBA, co-CEO and director of research, Urology Division, Premier Medical Group in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., even if sex is not that important to a man suffering from ED, he should still be evaluated because “at the end of the day, it might not be the penis that needs treatment, it might be the heart or the brain to prevent heart attack or stroke.”

In a noteworthy first, Endocrine News is taking a look at your office environment. Specifically, how easy is it for patients of all ages, sizes, and abilities to see you for their appointments? Award-winning writer Stacey Freed gives us the ins and outs of universal design in “All Access” (p. 18), where she discusses the importance of accessibility for all as well as specific steps you can take to make your office more user friendly for you, your patients, as well as your staff.

However, I imagine most of you will be out of your office from March 5 through March 8 attending ENDO 2015 in San Diego, which will be a much-needed break from the winter weather for many of us. If you haven’t registered, be sure to go to today (You want to make sure your hotel room has a great view of the Pacific Ocean!).

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