Countdown to ENDO 2013

ENDO 2013: The Endocrine Society’s 95th Annual Meeting & Expo is fast approaching. A highlight of my presidential term has been working closely with the Annual Meeting Steering Committee (AMSC) and Society staff to plan this exciting meeting. Under the outstanding leadership of its chairs, Diane Robins, Daniel Marks, and Michael Tuttle, the AMSC has created a scientific program designed to meet the high expectations of our diverse membership.

With about 2,800 abstracts and more than 250 sessions, the ENDO program refl ects the latest advances across the spectrum of endocrinology, from basic and translational research to clinical research and practice. San Francisco is a fitting venue for the meeting because it is one of the epicenters of endocrine research. It is also a world-class travel destination. Between the outstanding scientifi c program and the many opportunities for interaction, ENDO 2013 promises to be one of our most successful meetings yet.

A few highlights of this year’s meeting include:
Diabetes Diagnosis & Management (DDM)
The Friday before ENDO offi cially begins, the Society off ers this full-day program in recognition of the worldwide epidemic of diabetes. DDM provides an in-depth discussion of current practice challenges and a state-ofthe-art update for all who treat diabetes.
Early Career Forum
Also on Friday, this full-day program ( formerly Endocrine Trainee Day) offers opportunities for fellows and students to interact with their peers and be inspired by recognized leaders from our endocrine community.
Featured Poster Presentations
Presenters with the highest-scoring poster abstracts will each have 3 minutes to review three slides highlighting the significance of their research. These sessions will take place immediately before oral sessions, on the same day the posters are presented.
Endocrine Year In…
Four recognized leaders will recap the most important advances of the year in their areas of investigation: Steven Sherman in thyroid cancer, Susan Smith in basic neuroendocrinology, Lynn Jorde in genomics, and Graeme Milligan in G protein–coupled receptors.
Endocrinology in the News
This special session will focus on interactions between scientists and the media. Robert Lustig, a pediatric endocrinologist critical of high-fructose corn syrup in processed foods, and Tyrone Hayes, well-known for his work in endocrine disruptors, will discuss their research and media experiences with Joe Palca, science correspondent for National Public Radio.
Master Clinicians Session
ENDO 2013
will feature three of these highly popular sessions in which experienced clinical endocrinologists present their most challenging cases to endocrine “experts.” This year’s sessions cover adrenal nodules, type 2 diabetes mellitus, and osteoporosis. Come and enjoy these lively and informative exchanges.

The Expo is the hub of activity during the meeting and home to exhibits, posters, cafes—places to lounge and network with your colleagues. Start each morning with a complimentary cup of coffee, and grab lunch at the Expo while you peruse the posters and exhibits.

Don’t forget to sign up a team for the fourth annual ENDO Trivia Cup Challenge, moderated by Brad Anawalt and Jon Levine. This event is entertaining and lighthearted and will test your endocrine knowledge!

As you may know, the AMSC solicits programming suggestions for ENDO from our membership each year. We received excellent suggestions for ENDO 2013, and I thank those of you who provided valuable input. Please note that the 16th Annual International Congress of Endocrinology/ENDO 2014 suggestion site will open at our San Francisco meeting and will be available on all ENDO Connect computers during the meeting. AMSC will be eager to receive your input.

I look forward to seeing you in San Francisco for a very successful ENDO!

Please share your comments, questions, and ideas by sending them to me via

William F. Young, Jr., MD
President, Th e Endocrine Society

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