Coming Soon: New Diabetes Management Program from HHN

In November, the Hormone Health Network (HHN) will launch a new collaborative diabetes management program called Diabetes Awareness Information for Loved Ones and You (D.A.I.L.Y.) aimed at patients as well as clinicians who treat diabetes.

D.A.I.L.Y. will provide resources that are tailored to an individual patient’s needs and can be shared with healthcare professionals to encourage a collaborative approach to diabetes management. Users enroll as a person with diabetes, family member or friend of a person with diabetes, or as a healthcare professional. The goal is to provide access to useful educational resources that are tools not rules for diabetes self-management. As the leading experts in diabetes treatment, endocrinologists helped to develop program content to ensure patients and their loved ones receive the most trusted information.

Ahead of the launch, HHN has released the new logo for D.A.I.L.Y., which was created with input from diabetes experts, Endocrine Society membership and staff, and, more importantly, using patients input and uses the sun itself as a centerpiece, according to HHN director, Cheretta Clerkley. “The sun is a symbol of warmth, light, hope, knowledge and awareness,” she says. “The logo conveys what we hope patients and healthcare professionals will gain from enrollment in this program, which we hope will be a more humanistic, positive, and approachable feel toward taking control of diabetes management.”

For more information about D.A.I.L.Y. or to pre-enroll, visit

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