Celebrating the New and Improved Bicoastal Clinical Endocrinology Update!


No, your August issue did not come to you early; you’re looking at the very first “special issue” of Endocrine News and this one is devoted to the Endocrine Society’s Clinical Endocrinology Update (CEU) program that typically takes place annually. However, for the first time we are holding the CEU on each side of the U.S. this year to give more clinicians the chance to participate in this amazing intimate program.

To that end, it is our hope that this special issue of Endocrine News will entice you to attend one of these conferences. Clinicians who have attended CEUs in the past have raved about the intimate setting as well as the fact that none of the sessions compete with other sessions. Therefore, anyone who attends CEU can see every single session unlike the bigger conferences that are filled with concurrent educational tracks. With CEU, you’re not forced to choose between topics; you can see it all!

Here’s a link to download a PDF of the full issue: EN_0718_specialCEUissue

If you’re not convinced at what all the CEU programs have to offer, just start flipping through this issue; we’ve not only included a few selected highlights from the sessions, but we’ve also included highlights of the destinations, as well as Q&As with the committee chairs of both CEU programs, Janet Schlechte, MD, and the Endocrine Board Review Steering Committee chair, Serge Jabbour MD.

You can see for yourself which program works best for you as writer Courtney Carson tells you “A Tale of Two Cities.” This feature immerses you in a plethora of events and attractions at both CEU sites. The days at CEU are long and intense so you will definitely want to make the most of your down time. And why not see if your family wants to join you for a few extra days?

With so many great sessions and faculty, it was truly difficult to pick which ones to highlight but somehow, we managed to winnow it down to the testosterone therapy debate, endocrine bone health, and treating transgender patients. And if you’re still not convinced about what a remarkable opportunity you have to attend CEU, we’ve included a roundtable where past attendees — and one faculty member — explain why CEU is not to be missed and how it has helped them become better endocrinologists. One attendee even found a mentor.

So register for the CEU program of your choice today; early bird rates are in effect until August 3 (Miami) and August 17 (Anaheim): www.endocrine.org/ceu.