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Endocrine Society Scientific Statement Available for Comment

A working draft of an Endocrine Society Scientific Statement has been posted online for members to view and submit comments. This Statement addresses the state of science on diabetic microvascular disease, and all Endocrine Society members with expertise in this area are invited to review the manuscript. Comments are due Thursday, December 22 at 5 PM EST. Interested parties will need to provide their member ID to access the document.

Scientific Statements are designed to highlight the state of the science of endocrinology by providing a comprehensive literature review to identify knowledge gaps and areas of consensus. Unlike Clinical Practice Guidelines, which are used to establish clinical best practice, Statements do not use meta-analysis, nor the GRADE system. They are designed to produce recommendations for research and policy, and to help raise awareness of the central role endocrinology plays in science and medicine.

Any questions should be directed to Jessica Harris.

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