Endocrine Society Makes Headlines

Several esteemed members of the Endocrine Society are making their own headlines in a variety of media around the world. Check them out below:

Runner’s WorldWhat Runners Need to Know About Missing Their Periods
Catherine Gordon, MD, MSc, and Kathryn Ackerman, MD, MPH, discussed the Society’s new Clinical Practice Guideline on functional hypothalamic amenorrhea with the magazine.

American Journal of Managed CareEndocrine Society Protests Cuts to NIH, CDC; Says Diabetes Prevention Program Would Be Curtailed
Co-Chair of the Society’s Research Affairs Core Committee Ruth Keri, PhD, shared the Society’s concerns about proposed cuts to research and public health funding in the president’s budget.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) News – Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals: Is Your Home Making You Sick?
Endocrinology Editor-in-Chief Andrea Gore, PhD, described how endocrine-disrupting chemicals can be found in common household products and foods in an interview with the Australian broadcaster’s Science Friction program.

WebMD – Thin People Not More Prone to Alzheimer’s
Ruth Frikke-Schmidt, MD, DMSc, PhD, explained key findings from her JCEM study that found little evidence to support previous findings that Alzheimer’s disease was associated with having a low body-mass index. The Society highlighted the research in a press release.

UPI – Thyroid Cancer Surgery Complications Increasingly Common
Society member Maria Papaleontiou, MD, described the results of her JCEM study on thyroid cancer surgical complications in an interview with the wire service.

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